December 7, 2023


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Global tax reforms and Caribbean countries’ investment policy implications

SDG Index 2021: How did Caribbean countries perform?

What might a global minimum corporate tax mean for Caribbean International Financial Centres (IFCs)?

Making the UK-CARIFORUM EPA Work for Post-Brexit UK-CARIFORUM Trade

What lies ahead for the incoming CARICOM Secretary-General?

What does the CARICOM Secretary-General do?

Closer Africa-Caribbean Relations: A COVID ‘legacy good’?

Lewis’ Industrialisation by Invitation Model and the COVID-19 Conundrum

COVID-19: Side Effects on the World (Guest Contribution)

UK releases ‘Global Britain in a Competitive Age Strategy’; Pivots to Indo-Pacific

Barbados announces Post-COVID-19 Foreign Policy and Trade Strategy

WTO: New DG Okonjo-Iweala officially assumes office and delivers maiden speech

President Biden’s Trade Policy Agenda 2021 Released

Blacklisting discussed at CARICOM Inter-sessional Meeting

Vaccinate now, vaccinate everyone: Vaccines, viruses and the war for immunological supremacy (Guest Contribution)

The need for a CARICOM Trade and Development Strategy

US Rejoining Paris Agreement: Important Step Forward but Giant Leaps Still Needed

WTO DG Race: Okonjo-Iweala secures Biden-Harris support

EU-CARIFORUM EPA Monitoring Report finds five-fold increase in EU FDI to CARIFORUM

Belize and St. Kitts-Nevis Settle Trade Dispute over Brown Sugar

What’s Happened in Trade since December 2020?


CARICOM-Private Sector Engagement Requires Sustainable Development as its ‘Guide Star’

RCEP and Caribbean-Asian Economic Relations

Biden/Harris Victory: What might it mean for US-Caribbean Relations?

Deeper Caribbean trade and tourism: An aspirin for the COVID-19 ‘heart attack’?

Applied Intelligence: A Strategy for the Caribbean’s Future Prosperity (Guest contribution)

The US 2020 Presidential Elections: What’s at stake for the Caribbean?

WTO on track to select first female Director-General

OECS States on WTO’s provisional list of trade policy reviews for 2021

Owen Arthur: Champion of Small States

Tribute to former Barbados Prime Minister the Rt. Hon Prof. Owen S. Arthur

WTO DG Candidates kick off their campaigns

COVID-19: Why Caribbean Countries should re-examine their investment treaties

COVID-19’s Impact on Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) (Guest contribution)

Building Climate Resilient Agriculture (Guest contribution)

Agriculture Labour: Repositioning Regional Agriculture (Guest contribution)

COVID-19: The Push to Conflict (Guest contribution)

The EU’s Updated Draft AML/CFT List of High Risk Third Jurisdictions ‘Take Two’: A Critique

COVID-19: Caribbean begins ‘to flatten curve’ but economic damage inevitable

What COVID-19 trade measures have WTO members notified so far?

Several WTO Members agree on interim appeal arrangement for dispute settlement

COVID-19: How have Caribbean governments responded so far?

Freedom of Movement of Skilled Nationals a ‘fundamental objective’ of CARICOM, CCJ opines

COVID-19 and MSMEs: Impacts and Options

A WTO Investment Facilitation Agreement: Any added value for the Caribbean?

WTO: Curacao to begin accession process as separate customs territory

Can Novel Coronavirus ‘COVID-19’ impact the Caribbean?

WTO Reform High on US President’s Trade Agenda

USTR releases report reiterating critiques of defunct WTO Appellate Body

Top 6 Trade Policy Developments Affecting the Caribbean in 2019 – Infographic

A new UK Parliament and a new deal: What are the implications for Brexit?

Africa-Caribbean cooperation, regional integration and climate change action among priorities of new CARICOM chairman


Global Trade Policy Year in Review – 2019

Conservatives win majority in UK election: A clear path forward for Brexit?

WTO Appellate Body loses quorum for hearing new appeals

Africa-Caribbean relations to deepen with a joint CARICOM diplomatic mission

US Revises and Resubmits Draft Proposal on Special & Differential Treatment at WTO

Barbados Lower House passes UK-CARIFORUM Bill

COP25 climate talks: What’s at stake?

Why the WTO Appellate Body Crisis Matters to the Caribbean

Sustainable Infrastructure Investment Indispensable for Caribbean Competitiveness and Growth

CSME working though ‘uneven and imperfect’

CCJ First Advisory Opinion Hearing

World Bank Doing Business Report 2020: How did the Caribbean do?

US Request for CBERA Waiver Extension Approved by WTO General Council

US imports from Caribbean Basin Initiative beneficiaries grew in 2018

Climate refugees: A new reality for Caribbean small States?

CARICOM and the African Union to deepen ties: Why this is a good idea!

Greening Caribbean Festivals

US gets tough on developing country status at WTO

Why Barbados’ co-hosting of 15th UNCTAD Quadrennial is a big deal

Prospects for deepening Caribbean-Africa trade and economic ties

CARICOM and Cuba reiterate solidarity and cooperation at Sixth Ministerial Meeting

G20 Trade Ministers call for WTO Reform

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programmes and Climate Resilience

Theresa May’s Resignation: What are the implications? (Guest contribution)

Trinidad & Tobago receives largely positive feedback during latest WTO Trade Policy Review

Barbados and Jamaica join WTO developing countries discussion in New Delhi

Helms-Burton and CARICOM-Cuba Trade

UK-CARIFORUM Economic Partnership Agreement: What does it all mean?

Text of UK-CARIFORUM EPA Published

Accelerating Gender Mainstreaming in CARICOM Trade Policy (Co-authored)

CARICOM Protocol on Contingent Rights: An important Step to CSME Consolidation

Future CARICOM-US Trading Relations Beyond the Caribbean Basin Initiative

Can CARICOM Countries Afford to Miss the WTO E-commerce train? (Co-authored)

Trade Takeaways from Trump’s Second State of the Union Address

CARICOM Foreign Policy Coordination: Priority or Pipe Dream?

‘Brexit Plan B’: Key Points from PM May’s Speech

Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Overwhelmingly Rejected by British MPs

Has Canada become Collateral Damage in the US-China Trade War? (Guest Contribution)

Global Trade Policy in 2019: What to Watch?


‘No Deal’ Brexit Scenario Increasingly Likely: What does this mean for CARIFORUM-UK Trade?

COP 24: Paris Agreement Rule Book Agreed But Is It Enough?

Domestic Squabbles and International Blunders: Will There Be a No-Deal Brexit Scenario? (Guest Contribution)

ECJ Brexit Ruling: What are the implications? (Guest Contribution)

Eight Key Outcomes from the St. Anns Declaration on CSME

The Draft Brexit Withdrawal Agreement: What implications for future CARIFORUM-UK Trading Relations?

Have Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programmes Run Their Course?

G20 Trade Restrictive Measures Increase Significantly, WTO reports

Why WTO Reform Matters for Caribbean Small States

Could Promoting Bilingualism Give Caribbean Countries a Trade and Investment Advantage?

Caribbean Citizenship/Residence by Investment Programmes among those deemed “high risk” by OECD

If you take away multilateralism, who will hear us?

Human Rights in the context of the International Climate Change Agenda (Guest Contribution)

The Sino-American Challenge to Multilateralism (Guest Contribution)

US-China Trade Tensions: What may these mean for the Caribbean?

EU makes initial proposals for WTO modernization

Trump ‘trumps’ the WTO (Guest Contribution)

Urgent WTO reform needed, says G20 Trade and Investment ministers

5 things the UK’s EU (Withdrawal) Act of 2018 does

The Golding Report Adopted by Jamaica Government: What Next?

Global Governance: Why isn’t it working and what can be done? (Guest Contribution)

WTO: Trade tensions could sabotage global trade growth momentum

Plastic Waste Emergency in Caribbean Sea: What is the Region Doing About It?

ECJ rules arbitration clauses in Intra-EU BITs contrary to EU Law

Golding Commission concerned about Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programmes

Barbados ratifies WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

Golding Report on CARICOM-Jamaica Relations Tabled in Jamaican Parliament

Trump’s obscene remark confirms administration’s orientation on US-Caribbean/African Relations


How can Caribbean CIPs survive increased global and regional competition and scrutiny?

COP23: Five Negotiation Priorities for Small Island Developing States 

Mexico and CARICOM agree new areas for technical cooperation

ACP Trade Ministers demand ‘concrete outcomes’ at upcoming WTO MC11

Linking Puerto Rico’s debt crisis to the US and the WTO (Guest Article)

Belize undergoes third WTO Trade Policy Review

Why the proposed US fee on remittance outflows to LAC makes no sense

French Election 2017: What’s at stake for the world and the Caribbean?

The Trump Presidency – Implications and Opportunities for Caribbean IFCs

PM May calls snap election: Pros and Cons

IMF raises global GDP growth forecast but protectionist policies a threat

Will US Financial Deregulation help mitigate the de-risking phenomenon?

Trump’s Trade Executive Orders target deficit and uncollected AD/CV Duties

Brexit begins; UK makes historic Article 50 notification of withdrawal from EU

New Trump Executive Order Reverses Obama-Era Climate Change Policies

Post-Brexit UK-Caribbean Trading Relations: What are the options?

Sport, Entrepreneurship and Development

CARICOM & Cuba Foreign Ministers meet

De-Risking: The ‘Perfect Hurricane’ Threatening Caribbean IFCs

President Trump’s Trade Policy Agenda for 2017 Released

Trump Trade Policy ‘Achievements’: The First Month

WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement: Why is it important for Caribbean Small States?

WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement enters into force

De-Risking discussed at CARICOM 28th Inter-sessional Meeting

CARICOM 28th Inter-Sessional Meeting; Economic Development and International Relations centre-stage

EU-Canada CETA Approved by European Parliament

“What’s Next for NAFTA?” FITT Trade Elite Chat Recap

US Federal Appeals Court Upholds Suspension of Trump Travel Ban

CARICOM and Cuba reach agreement to expand market access preferences

Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) and Airbnb sign partnership agreement

IMF Staff Recommend St Lucia CIP Revenues be used Primarily to Reduce Debt

TPP: Acting USTR Submits Withdrawal Letter

Brexit White Paper Released by UK Government

Brexit Bill Clears First Parliamentary Hurdle

Climate Change, the Caribbean and US-Caribbean Strategic Re-engagement (HR4939)

A Week of Trumpism in ‘Action’

President Trump signs executive order pulling US out of TPP

WTO Ministers hold Informal Meeting on Davos Sidelines

President Trump signs executive order pulling US out of TPP

5 Main Points from PM May’s Davos Speech

TTIP: Joint US-EU State of Play Report Published

UK Supreme Court to deliver ruling in Article 50 Brexit Appeal next Tuesday

Why PM May’s “Hard Brexit” Choice is no surprise

President Obama Ends Three Special Parole Programs for Cuban Migrants

St. Vincent & the Grenadines ratifies WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement; Four more ratifications to go

In defence of Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programmes

Trump Trade Team Poised to Reset US Trade Policy

Seven Major Trade Developments of 2016: Trade Year in Review & Look Ahead

Fathering a Nation: Barbados and the Legacy of Errol Walton Barrow 


Article 50 UK Supreme Court Case Starts 

President-elect Trump’s trade team takes shape: What implications for the Caribbean?

Happy Independence! Tribute to Barbados at 50

Dominica Ratifies WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

WTO Panel Rules Tax Incentive to Boeing a Prohibited Subsidy

Fidel Castro; Friend to the Caribbean & Anti-Imperialist Hero

TPP: Trump to withdraw from the Agreement on Day One

Trump Presidency: What Priorities for US-Caribbean Economic Engagement?

Caribbean Reflections on Soft Power (Guest Article)

De-Risking remains “a key priority”, according to US Treasury

WTO: G20 Trade Restrictions remain High Despite Slowdown in Measures

President-elect Trump’s trade policy proposals

What may a Trump presidency mean for future US-Caribbean Relations

Paris Climate Change Agreement Enters into Force: What Next?

Brexit High Court Ruling: What does it mean?

EU-Canada CETA: Seven things to Know

Caribbean Response to the Withdrawal of Correspondent Banking

Citizenship by Investment Receipts help power recovery in Eastern Caribbean States

Jamaica is Commonwealth Caribbean’s Easiest Place to do Business, WB DB 2017

FATF Releases Guidance for Correspondent Banking Services

FATF Congratulates Guyana on AML/CFT Progress

US Eases Restrictions on some Cuban Imports for Personal Use

BRICS Summit 2016: Five Key Trade Takeaways

Evaluating Barbados’ WEF GCI Competitiveness Scorecard: Is top of the Regional Class good enough?

Pound Sterling drops to 3 year lows: What implications for Caribbean?

Ranking Caribbean countries’ Competitiveness: WEF Global Competitiveness Index 2016-2017

Is the UN ‘Essential’ for Small States? Singapore Minister makes the case

Caribbean States Raise De-Risking Concerns at the 71st UNGA

G20 Leaders’ Hangzhou Summit: Trade and Investment Takeaways

Climate Change, the US Elections and Small Island Developing States’ Survival

Can sports help Caribbean countries’ export diversification efforts?

Antigua, are you ready to gamble? (Guest Article)

Anti-trade populism and its implications for developing countries

Turning the BREXIT lemon into lemonade for Caribbean countries

De-risking and its foreign trade impact in the Caribbean

BREXIT fuelling British demand for alternative citizenship?

BREXIT wins: What possible implications for the Caribbean?

Agriculture key for fostering sustainable development in Caribbean Countries

CCJ Issues Ruling in Gay Rights Freedom of Movement Case

Barbados’ Upcoming CFATF Mutual Evaluation: What’s at Stake?

Are AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Requirements hindering SME Access to Trade Finance?

What the Debate on the Panama Papers forgets

Are Citizenship by Investment programmes sustainable?

CARICOM countries continue fight against bank de-risking

Race for the White House and US-Caribbean Relations

Over 170 countries sign the Paris Agreement: What next for SIDS?

Caribbean Countries Looking East for Trade and Investment

Is Brexit a risk for the Caribbean?

IMF trims global growth forecast to 3.2% in 2016

WTO predicts weak global trade growth in 2016

Inaugural African Regional Trade Index Launched

Correspondent Banking Concerns Raised in IMF Staff Report on Belize

Global Trade and Socio-Economic Tides Pushing Caribbean Countries to the Back of the Shoal: Integrate or be Left Behind

WTO Panel Rules in Argentina’s Favour in EU Biodiesel Anti-dumping Case

Summary Report on EU Public Consultation re Post Cotonou EU-ACP Relations

US President Lands in Cuba

Good Governance, the SDGs and Caribbean SIDS

US President Obama’s Trade Agenda – 2016

Barbados’ Passport tops Caribbean Passports in Ease of Visa-free travel

Zika: World Bank Releases Initial Short Term Projections of Economic Impact in LAC

Fat Taxes: What Role for Fiscal Policy Interventions in Promoting Good Health in Barbados?

Barbados to allow for Incorporated Cell Companies 

Antigua & Barbuda uses trade policy to help prevent Zika

Written History: The Classic Tale of the CCJ and Caribbean Jurisprudence (Guest Article)

IMF’s 2010 Reforms finally come into effect

Caribbean Region Most Affected by Loss in Correspondent Banking Relationships, according to World Bank Study

Petrocaribe: Triad of Issues Puts Future of Existing Arrangement in Doubt

WTO Nairobi Ministerial Leaves Caribbean Small Vulnerable Economies Empty Handed

The rights of Citizenship by Investment beneficiaries as Community Nationals: What Implications for CARICOM Member States?

2015 Year in Review for the Caribbean: Triumph, Tragedy and Hope


Human Development Report 2015 – A Mixed Bag for Barbados and the Caribbean

Upcoming WTO Ministerial in Nairobi: Does the COP21 offer any lessons for progress?

COP21 Paris Agreement: A Partial but Important Victory for SIDS and the World but Just the Beginning

Final Draft Paris Agreement in a Nutshell 

A sustainable future for SIDS necessitates an ambitious outcome at COP21

Dominica-born Baroness Scotland elected first female Commonwealth Secretary General 

The WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement and Caribbean Small Island Developing States: Challenges and Opportunities 

Barbados decides to lower applied tariff on imported cement: A good or bad thing?

Human rights vs National Security Interests: The Uneasy Tension

Has the Caribbean Basin Initiative Outlived its Usefulness to CARICOM Countries?

TPP Investment Chapter: Turning back or Advancing the Clock on Promoting Investment for Development

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement in Review Part I: The Investment Chapter 

OECD trims growth forecast and warns of trade deceleration in Latest Economic Outlook

Bank De-risking: An Emerging Threat to Caribbean SIDS’ Survival

Barbados hosts 8th meeting of the OECD’s Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax 

Jamaica tops Anglophone Caribbean on ease of doing business in Doing Business Report 2016

Access to Justice as a Linchpin of the SDGs: The Sustainable Development Implications of Barbados’ Judicial Backlog

New Canadian Government Presents New Opportunities to Strengthen Caribbean- Canada Relations

Securing better statistical data for better Caribbean lives: Reflecting on the data problem in the Caribbean

Economic Citizenship Programmes in the Eastern Caribbean: A Brief Look

Trans-Pacific Partnership in a nutshell

Water (In)security: One of the biggest threats to Caribbean SIDS’ national security

Eu Releases Blacklist: Another Battle Brewing for Caribbean Offshore Jurisdictions


What does the Bali Package mean for Small Vulnerable Economies like CARICOM?

A step towards progress between Haiti and the Dominican Republic?


Grenada Leads the way by abolishing Criminal Libel – We all should follow suit 

2012 London Olympics: Rally around the Caribbean!

Small dots but big footprints: Caribbean Countries and International Organisations

Is the World Bank finally committed to an open and merit-based selection process? Only time will tell

Is ALBA a threat to CARICOM integration?

What CARICOM Needs: A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action Please!

A Tribute to Whitney Houston from a young Caribbean woman 

The Rt. Ex. Errol Barrow: Barbadian Statesman, Caribbean Visionary

Embracing ‘Mother India’: Some thoughts on the prospects for enhanced India and Trinidad & Tobago trade

Is the Caribbean Basin Initiative still relevant to CARICOM countries?


Barbados is not immune to the anti-incumbent fever sweeping the region

Jamaicans go to the polls tomorrow

Courting the Latin Jaguar: Brazil as the world’s sixth largest economy and what this means for CARICOM

Myrie case going to the Caribbean Court of Justice: Some thoughts

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