December 4, 2023

Papers & Articles

Below is a list of some of Alicia’s most recent papers and publications:

Nicholls, Alicia. 2021. “Why FATF’s Workstream on unintended consequences matters to IFCs”. IFC Review.

Nicholls, Alicia. 2021. Will FDI help or hinder SDG achievement in the Caribbean? Contribution to Opinio Juris Blog Symposium on International Investment Law ‘Is Foreign Direct Investment a Blessing or a Grift?’ . Opinio Juris Blog. Accessible here.

Nicholls, Alicia. 2021. Barbados’ Welcome Stamp: A ‘Win-Win’ For ‘Stampers’ and Locals. IFC Review Online. Accessible here.

Nicholls, Alicia. 2021. RCEP Investment Rules: Help or Hindrances to Asia’s COVID-19 Recovery? Afronomics Law Symposium on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. Afronomcs Law Blog. Accessible here.

Nicholls, Alicia. 2021. ‘Do As I Say, Not As I Do’: FinCEN Leaks Prove Misplaced Scrutiny Of Caribbean Offshore IFCs. IFC Economic Review 2021. Online version of article available here.

Nicholls, Alicia. 2020. CARICOM Countries’ International Investment Agreements: Stepping Stones or Stumbling Blocks to attracting Sustainable FDI post-COVID-19? Presented (virtually) at the 21st Annual SALISES Conference, Trinidad & Tobago – December 2020.

Yearwood, Ronnie and Alicia Nicholls. The European Union’s Economic Substance Rules in Commonwealth Caribbean Jurisdictions: What Is the Purpose? Bulletin for International Taxation, 2020 (Volume 74), No 9.

“How Caribbean Jurisdictions Can Compete With Larger International Arbitration Centres”. IFC Caribbean Review 2020. June 2020.

“ Covid-19 and Barbados: measured and transparent policy responses”, The Round Table Journal, DOI: 10.1080/00358533.2020.1757280. May 2020.

“The Africa-Caribbean Investment Treaty Network: The Status Quo and Three Options for Transformation”. Afronomics Law Blog. December 2019.

“The AfCFTA: An Opportunity for Deepening Africa-Caribbean Trade Relations”. CSA Newsletter – December 2019. Caribbean Studies Association. December 2019.

“Strategic Repositioning to boost Brand Barbados“. IFC Caribbean 2019 . August 2019.

“The UK election and Brexit” Published in Barbados’ leading business magazine, Barbados Business Authority. June 2019.

The EU AML/CFT List of High-Risk Third Jurisdictions: Implications and Options for The Bahamas. Co-authored with Dr. Allan Wright. IDB Policy Brief. June 2019.

“Boosting Africa-Caribbean Trade” Published in Barbados’ leading business magazine, Barbados Business Authority. June 2019.

“Africa-Caribbean Trade: What are the prospects?” Published in Barbados Today. June 2019.

“CBI and Climate Resilience’ published in Barbados’ leading Business Magazine, the Barbados Business Authority. June 2019

Commentary on “Does Jurisdictional Competition Rule Out IFC Collaboration?” in IFC Review’s upcoming IFC Economic Review 2019 – “Synchronicity – Can IFCs work together?” 

“Can CARIFORUM-UK Trading Relations Survive the Clouds of Uncertainty Hanging over UK-EU Relations?”  Co-authored with Dr. Jan Yves Remy. University of the West Indies’ Shridath Ramphal Centre for International Trade Law, Policy & Services ‘Trading Thoughts’ Column, December 2018.

Climate Change: Rebuilding for Resilience” Caribbean Export OUTLOOK magazine -3rd Edition, November 2018.

“Gender-based discrimination in Nationality Laws: A Remaining Barrier to Gender Equality”. Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) Newsletter – March 2018.

What may the Trump Presidency mean for the future of International Financial Centres?”IFC Economic Report 2017/2018 Winter Edition.

De-Risking: The ‘Perfect Hurricane’ Threatening Caribbean IFCs.” IFC Caribbean Review 2017. Online version available here.

Economic Citizenship and Freedom of Movement of the Caribbean Community National: An Irreconcilable Tension? Presented at the 18th Annual SALISES Conference, Trinidad & Tobago – April 2017.

Cabral Douglas v Commonwealth of Dominica” in Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) Newsletter – March 2017. Available here.

Defining Intra-Caribbean Relations in a Post Preference Era: To what extent is the regional integration process being driven by extra-Caribbean forces? Co-authored with Yentyl Williams and presented at the 17th Annual SALISES Conference, Barbados – April 2016 and published in the Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies, Vol 41, Nos 2 and 3, August/December 2016.

“Statesman and Caribbean Visionary”. Contribution to Fathering a Nation: Barbados and the Legacy of Errol Walton Barrow. Edited by Guy A.K. Hewitt, 2016. Available at Hansib Publications here.

The Sustainability of Citizenship by Investment Programmes“. Global Residence and Citizenship Review Q3 2016. Henley Partners. Contact me.

The Trump Doctrine: A Re-write of US-Caribbean Trade Relations?” Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) Newsletter – December 2016. Available here

Priorities for Strategic US-Barbados Relations Under a Trump Presidency“. Business Barbados – December 2016. Available here:

Turning the Brexit lemon into lemonade for Barbados” – Business Barbados – August 2016

Barbados’ Upcoming CFATF Mutual Evaluation: What’s at Stake?  Broad Street Journal – June 2016

What the debate on the Panama Papers Forgets Broad Street Journal – May 2016

Barbados as an Offshore Medical Education Hub Business Barbados Website – May 2016

Alternative Dispute Resolution: A viable solution for reducing Barbados’ case backlog?  Barbados ADR Association’s Website – 2012

Promoting the CARIFORUM Creative Industries: A Critical Review“, Caribbean Creatives Magazine: Issue 1 Vol 3, Jul-Sept 2011

Rihanna in Numbers” (with Dr. Keith Nurse), Caribbean Creatives Magazine : Issue 1 Vol 2 Jan-Mar 2011

Investment Provisions in the CARIFORUM-EC Economic Partnership Agreement: What Implications for CARIFORUM-EU Investment Relations?  Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN) –  2011

Enhancing data collection in the Creative Industries Sector in CARIFORUM (with Dr. Keith Nurse) – 2011

Investment Rule-making in CARICOM’s International Investment Agreements: Trends and Policy Implications. A Research Paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Master of Science in International Trade Policy.

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