Caribbean Trade Law and Development

Trade law, development and policy through a Caribbean lens

Useful Websites

Below are links to other good sites dealing with news, commentary and trade and trade related matters within CARICOM and the wider LAC region.


Meanwhile Up North – Former Canadian diplomat/negotiator Robert Ready’s blog with commentary on international economic policy and Canadian politics

Caribbean Council  – The View from Europe – David Jessop

Fran Hendy’s Offshore Blog – Fran Hendy’s Offshore Blog with commentary on tax, offshore and international business – Dr. Claudius Preville

Official Websites of Regional Trade Organisations in LAC – Official Website of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) – Official Website of the CARICOM Single Market & Economy (CSME) – Official Website of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States – Official Website of the Bolivarian Alliance (ALBA)– Official Website of PetroCaribe – Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean – African, Caribbean Pacific Group of States

Data resources – The OAS’ Foreign Trade Information System – Statistical data for CARICOM countries – EU trade data – ITC Trade Map

CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership Agreement related resources – Official Website of Antigua & Barbuda EPA Implementation Unit – EC EPA Page



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