September 29, 2023

Guest Contributions

Photo source: Pixabay

We are always happy to consider guest contributions to the Caribbean Trade Law & Development blog from all over the world, particularly well-written articles related to international trade and sustainable development. We are, however, flexible and would also consider book reviews and other content once it has either a trade and/or development focus. It does NOT have to be Caribbean-focused.

Please note: that we do NOT pay for article submissions. Please also note we reserve the right to edit articles to ensure their conformity to grammatical, spelling and other writing norms. You will, however, be given full attribution as the article’s author. Please note as well that submission of an article is no guarantee that it will be accepted for publication on the Blog so we recommend discussing your article idea with us first before sending a manuscript.

Examples of guest articles can be viewed here and here.

Submission guidelines

Our guidelines are as follows:

(1) Preferred article length: 500-1,500 words.

(2) Some possible article ideas include: trade policy/law, investment policy/law, gender, sustainable development, culture/creative industries, trade finance, as examples. We also would welcome book reviews, interviews and other content with trade and/or development focus. Articles do NOT have to be Caribbean-focused.

(2) Please ensure that any content you submit for consideration is your own original work.

(3) Although this is an English-language blog, consideration will also be given to articles submitted in Spanish or French.

(4) Please include a short author by-line for inclusion with your article. It should include your name, position, and qualifications if relevant to the article and a link to your blog or personal website, if any. A professional looking pingpong photo will also be desirable for inclusion in the article.

Article submission

To discuss submission of a guest article, please contact me.