Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Text Finally Online!

Alicia Nicholls

At long last, the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement has finally been revealed. The TPP creates a free trade area encompassing 12 Pacific-rim countries. It has been mired in controversy due to the secrecy of the negotiations and concerns by civil society groups about its intellectual property and investment provisions, as well as their potential impact on the environment, labour, access to medicines etc. In spite of this, several countries, including Indonesia, the Philippines and Colombia have expressed interest in acceding to the TPP. The agreement includes rules on new and emerging trade issues like e-commerce, the environment, telecommunications, financial services, investment, government procurement, state-owned enterprises,small and medium sized enterprises, and competition law.

A full month after the agreement’s completion on October 5th, the full text of the Agreement may now be accessed on the official website of the US Trade Representative.

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