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Caribbean Trade & Development Digest – November 7-12, 2016

These are some of the major trade and development headlines and analysis across the Caribbean region and the world for the week of November 7-12, 2016. 

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Regional News

All about trade flows between Haiti and the Dominican Republic

HaitiLibre: An82-page report of the Center for Investment Facilitation (CFI), presented last September and released this week entitled “Trade Flows between Haiti and the Dominican Republic” presents the possibilities of rebalancing Haiti’s trade deficit with the DR either byimport substitution or export development.Read more

Could Caribbean Economic Citizenship by Investment programmes Cash In on Donald Trump’s Election Victory?

Caribbean360: Uncertainty and fear over a United States governed by a Donald Trump administration appears to be pushing wealthy Americans to look for alternative citizenships – and the Caribbean just might benefit. Read more

Central Bank Warning for Trinidad & Tobago to avoid de-risking 

Antigua Observer: The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (CBTT) is warning that the oil-rich twin island republic must achieve global compliance standards if it is to avoid being de-risked” within the international banking system. Read more

Easing Embargo Boosted Cuba’s Tourism Revenue

Newsweek: Revenues from tourism in Cuba rose 15 percent in the first half of 2016 compared with the same period last year, official data showed on Friday, with the number of visitors from the United States soaring around 80 percent. Read more 

International News

Ecuador joins the EU’s trade agreement with Colombia and Peru

EU News: On 11 November 2016, the EU, its member states, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru signed the protocol of accession of Ecuador to the EU’s free trade agreement with Colombia and Peru. This signature followed the decision by the Council to sign and provisionally apply this protocol. Read more

Trump talks tough on trade, has at least one NAFTA member willing to play ball

CNBC: Just this week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a staunch proponent of trade, announced his willingness to head back to the negotiating table, acknowledging that over time trade deals must be given another look to be sure they’ve advanced with the more

Brazil files WTO complaint against US over countervailing measures on steel products

WTO: On 11 November, Brazil notified the WTO Secretariat that it had requested dispute consultations with the United Stated regarding countervailing duties imposed by the United States on imports of Brazilian cold— and hot-rolled steel flat products.Read more

Trade Restrictions among G20 remain high , despite slight slowdown in new measures

WTO: The WTO’s sixteenth monitoring report on Group of 20 (G20) trade measures, issued on 10 November, shows that the number of trade-restrictive measures applied by G20 economies remains high, despite a slight decline against the previous period. Read more

India, Bhutan sign new bilateral trade agreement

IndianExpress: “The bilateral agreement aims at cutting down on documentation and adding additional exit and entry points for Bhutan’s trade with other countries”, officials said. Read more

COP22 Marrakech: Will Trump’s presidency topple international efforts at climate action?

The Hindu: As news of Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential poll came, delegations at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change conference (COP22) underway in Marrakech considered the prospect that America might pull out of the Paris Agreement leading to its collapse.

What Donald Trump’s Election means for the future of US trade

Fortune: Trade has been front and center of the U.S. Presidential election. Now that voters have chosen Donald Trump as the nation’s next president, what can they expect from his policies on trade? Read more 

New on Caribbean Trade Law & Development 

President-elect Trump’s trade policy proposals

What may a Trump presidency mean for future US-Caribbean presidency 



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