The European Commission on April 17, 2019 launched an evaluation of the CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (CARIFORUM-EU EPA) which governs trade between the current EU-28 and CARIFORUM countries. The CARIFORUM-EU EPA has been provisionally applied since 2008.

Part of this evaluation exercise involves a public consultation in which stakeholders both in the EU and CARIFORUM countries, which are directly affected by the Agreement, are encouraged to contribute to the consultation. They can do so by completing a questionnaire online. The deadline for submission of responses to the survey is June 28, 2019, while the evaluation will take place between April 17, 2019- July 10, 2019.

Stakeholders include businesses, business organisations and chambers of commerce, workers’ representatives and trade unions, citizens/individuals, workers, consumers, public authorities, NGOs and other civil society organisations, academia, research institutions, experts and think tanks from the EU and CARIFORUM.

For further information and to complete the questionnaire, visit here.