Owen Arthur: Champion of Small States

Alicia Nicholls

The late Prof. The Rt. Hon. Owen S. Arthur (1949-2020) wore many professional hats – distinguished economist, politician, statesman, member of the British Privy Council. Prof. Arthur may best be remembered by Barbadians as our longest serving Prime Minister (1994-2008) and the architect of one of the greatest sustained periods of economic boom in the country’s economic history surpassed only by the period under Prime Minister the Rt. Ex. Errol Walton Barrow.

Caribbean people recall Prof. Arthur fondly as an ardent regionalist and an architect of the Caribbean Single Market & Economy (CSME). But globally, Prof. Arthur has earned his place on history’s page as an indefatigable champion of Small States issues.

In this brief tribute, I discuss Prof. Arthur’s contributions through his practice and leadership to the advancement of global discourse on the issues affecting Small States, such as those in the Caribbean.

Read the full tribute in this month’s Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) Newsletter here.

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